Individual OKRs

You can define Objectives at the Individual level and add single or multiple owners to these OKRs besides you can use this type as personal development OKRs or whatever you need.

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ConectoHub gives the chance to be x2 times faster with brand new one-click Shortcuts.

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New Create Button Functions

You can create Task, Project, OKR, Portfolio, Dashboard, Feedback and Team from anywhere!
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🏆Team Owner Selection

Select the Team Owners of your Teams to enable advanced permissions in your Company
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💡 Re-organization of My Objectives

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We re-organized the "My Objectives" page to focus important goals to you. We have also added an switch button to expand or hide Objective details.

📌Admin Console

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Manage your workspace with brand new Admin Console. You can see your members, teams, seats available, plan details and last login date of your users.

🔌 Native Data Source Integrations

Connect your third party data sources such as Google Sheets, Excel, Airtable etc. to your KR metrics in ConectoHub and see your KRs' progress automatically.
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🤖AI-powered OKR Assistant

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With ConectoHub AI-powered OKR Assistant, just say what you want to achieve and leave the rest to ConectoHub powerful AI Assistant. It recommends best measurable metrics to reach your goals.

🚦 OKR Tracking and Auto Status Updates

When you track your OKRs you should know where you are and how far away from progress of the baseline. With the OKR tracking feature, you can define alert points and see Objective status real-time as On Track, Behind and At Risk according to the schedule variance you defined.

Editable Kanban Cards without open task detail

Zapier Integration

OKR Grading(Scoring)

Scoring OKRs according to the defined succes criterias and color schema.
Default succes criterias and color schema:
OKR Progress between 0-0,3 => Fail (Red)
OKR Progress between 0,3-0,7 => Progress(Yellow)
OKR Progress between 0,7-1 => Succes(Green)

The ranges can be also customizable by user.
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Company OKR Dashboard

Company OKRs in a dashboard view.

Drag & Drop File Upload

📎Uploading files has never been easier. Now, you can upload files via  drag-drop feature whether it's a single or multiple files. 

Zapier Integration on Beta

Zapier lets you connect ConectoHub with the most popular +3000 apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most

To learn how to integrate with Zapier, you can find documentation here

Our favorite Use-Cases of ConectoHub Zapier integration:

⚡️Receive a message to a Slack/Discord/Ms Teams channel when a task is assigned in ConectoHub
⚡️Connect Jira issues with ConectoHub OKRs
⚡️Get today's/overdued/upcoming tasks to Slack/Discord/Ms Teams Channel
⚡️Create a task when a message is sent to Slack/Discord/Ms Teams channel  
⚡️Create a task  when an issue/task/story/epic is created in Jira/Trello/Asana etc.
⚡️Create a project when a project is created in Jira/Trello/Asana etc.

OKR Notifications

OKR notifications added to the ConectoHub. 

Objective notifications will be sent when
  • Status changed,
  • Assigned,
  • Edited,
  • Changed the weight of Sub-Objectives
  • Changed the weight of Key Results

Key Result notification will be sent when
  • Assigned an user,
  • Project, task or milestone is linked
  • Changed the weight of linked items,
  • Progress updated,
  • Changed the check-in period

Feedback notification will be sent when user
  • Sent a feedback,
  • Requested a feedback

Creating task by email

You can create task via email whether it's a To Do or Project Tasks. Every user and project have a unique ConectoHub inbox. You can create task, assign collaborators, attach files via sending email to your unique inbox.