Zapier Integration on Beta

Zapier lets you connect ConectoHub with the most popular +3000 apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most

To learn how to integrate with Zapier, you can find documentation here

Our favorite Use-Cases of ConectoHub Zapier integration:

⚡️Receive a message to a Slack/Discord/Ms Teams channel when a task is assigned in ConectoHub
⚡️Connect Jira issues with ConectoHub OKRs
⚡️Get today's/overdued/upcoming tasks to Slack/Discord/Ms Teams Channel
⚡️Create a task when a message is sent to Slack/Discord/Ms Teams channel  
⚡️Create a task  when an issue/task/story/epic is created in Jira/Trello/Asana etc.
⚡️Create a project when a project is created in Jira/Trello/Asana etc.