New Create Button Functions

You can create Task, Project, OKR, Portfolio, Dashboard, Feedback and Team from anywhere!
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πŸ“Ž File Name Under Attachment Icon

We added file name under the attachment icon in the task detail page to make you find what you need easily.

πŸ†Team Owner Selection

Select the Team Owners of your Teams to enable advanced permissions in your Company
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πŸ’‘ Re-organization of My Objectives

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We re-organized the "My Objectives" page to focus important goals to you. We have also added an switch button to expand or hide Objective details.

🚦 OKR Tracking and Auto Status Updates

When you track your OKRs you should know where you are and how far away from progress of the baseline. With the OKR tracking feature, you can define alert points and see Objective status real-time as On Track, Behind and At Risk according to the schedule variance you defined.

Editable Kanban Cards without open task detail

Quick Suggestions drop-down list on Assignee, Collaborator and Tag Fields

  • When you click on Assignee, Collaborator and Tag fields, quick suggestion drop-down list will be triggered.